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A Giveaway Celebration – Peridot and Amethyst Custom Necklace

So, about three months ago, we at Custom discovered that not only do we make the most gorgeous jewelry, we make the most gorgeous babies too!

Announcing Jasper Pearl, the newest addition to the Custom Family.

Pretty Gorgeous, Right?

In the category of gorgeous jewelry (but not as gorgeous as Jasper)  we have a Custom made, Peridot and Amethyst necklace. This one-of-a-kind pendant is completely hand fabricated from sterling silver, and set with genuine stones.

Jasper likes it:

So, in honor of Miss Jasper’s arrival, we would like to have a little Giveaway Contest, for this stunning necklace!

That’s right, Jasper! We are giving it away to one of our lucky Custom fans!

Here’s how:

First, Like us on Facebook, or add us on Twitter, or both!

Next, share us to enter the giveaway! On Facebook share our page, or link to one of our pieces you particularly love, on your wall. When you share us, be sure to tag us in your post so we can mark your entry. On Twitter mention Custom and tell others why you love us, or mention us in a link to one of our pieces, and we will mark your entry. You can enter twice a week with each format.

So, that’s up to four entries a week to win the necklace! We will announce a winner on December 20th!

Good luck and thank you for helping us celebrate the birth of Jasper Pearl!


Katie and Lee

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