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Sterling Silver Jade Dragon Pendant

This pendant was a commissioned piece. The goal was to create a piece of custom jewelry that perfectly fit a carved jade medallion that holds sentimental value for the customer.  A number of techniques were used in order to achieve this. From milling a wax, casting, hand fabrication, and hand engraving. Because of all the soldering that needed to be done in order to make the tabs that held the stone in place, we felt it necessary to cast the main bezel plate instead of fabricating it from sheet metal. The bail in which the pendant hangs was styled to mimic the shape of the tabs holding in the jade medallion. The jade was then set in place before the back of the pendant was hand engraved. Setting the jade before engraving added to the rigidity of the pendant so that large amount of elaborate engraving could be done without bending the plate. We think the end result speaks for itself.


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