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Lodolite and Sterling Silver pendant

We recently acquired some new stones, and out of one of them we created this Lodolite and Sterling Silver pendant. Lodolite  is the name given to a type of included quartz from Minas Gerais,  Brazil. Lodolite inclusions often have colors that range from red, green, white, brown, pink, and yellow.  These inclusions often result in scenes inside the clear quartz that resemble coral reefs, moss, or other worldly landscapes. This particular stone is so beautiful on its own, we decided to make its setting as simple as possible. Just a thin, highly polished bezel encompasses the outside edge of the stone and almost disappears into the stone itself. Just one more example of the Custom Jewelry we add to our cases on a regular basis. Come see the 56ct Lodolite and Sterling Silver pendant for yourself at our jewelry store in NoDa.


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