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Custom Fabricated Titanium Engagement Ring

This Custom Fabricated Titanium Engagement Ring ring represents another example of what sets Custom apart from our competition. Our willingness and ability to work with materials that other stores won’t touch, make us the exception in Charlotte, NC. The customer  for this project has a materials and design background, and came to us with what he wanted very clearly laid out. Titanium is a purposeful material. It’s light, strong, and non allergenic. Working with it requires a new set of of skills and experiences which makes it even more appealing to us.

This ring was fabricated , using saws, drills, files, and gravers, from an 8mm wide solid titanium wedding band, into the form you see below. It is set with a round sapphire and surrounded by a sterling silver bezel. The inside of the ring is hand engraved with a section of a topographical map. It represents a place that holds meaning for the couple, and because of the nature of the metal that it is engraved into, will never fade. As you can imagine, she said Yes! Congratulations guys. Custom gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, even Custom Fabricated Titanium Engagement Rings, we do it all.


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