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Hand Engraving Before and After: White Gold and Amethyst 3-stone Ring


Sometimes hand engraving really makes a ring, and other times it is a finishing detail that turns up the crucial “WOW” factor on a ring. This beautiful hand engraved, white gold, 3-stone ring falls into that latter category. The proud owner of this pink tourmaline and amethyst ring first saw this design on our website, and thought it would be the perfect gift for his wife. The original ring is a tension-set three stone engagement ring, and even without the engraving, it was a very cool design.

In order to customize it — and ensure his wife was receiving a one-of-a-kind Custom gift — he decided to have it set with a beautiful purple amethyst and two vibrant pink tourmaline stones.  In order to customize it further, we also let our engraver know that it was a present for his wife, and he designed some wonderful finishing details for the tension mounting.

If you take a close look at the “after” shots, you’ll see tiny flowers underneath the main amethyst, as well as a leaf-like design finishing out the band. In the end this ring truly came out with a WOW factor, and we hope it’s wearer will cherish it always as the unique gift it is.


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