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Bezel Set, Euro-Shank Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Here at Custom Jewelry, we were stoked to see this euro-shank, blue sapphire and diamond ring walk back in the door. When we create a custom piece, there’s always a difficult time when you give it a final polish, say goodbye, and send it out into the world. When that time comes, we keep our chins up, smile, wave, and take comfort in the fact that its new owners will love it just as we have. Occasionally, you never see the piece again, and you wonder where it ended up in life. But sometimes, like with this beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring, the piece will come back into the shop with their new owners to get cleaned, polished, and restored to the shine of the day they were created.

For me, running into previously created pieces is especially fun because I’m constantly discovering new items Lee has created, but has no record of, as was the case with this beautiful engagement ring.  The owner came back into the shop for a small sizing and cleaning, and my eyes lit up when I saw it. This ring features a lovely cornflower blue sapphire set in a hand-engraved bezel and accented by a pave-diamond set shank. Topped off with hand-engraved side detail and a nice euro-shank to give the bottom of the ring a counter-balance to the center stone, it was truly delightful to look at. I loved it because it incorporates so many of the elements Custom Jewelry is known for (engraving, euro-shank, tight craftsmanship), but does so in a way that was fresh, fun, and ultimately classic.

As with all the rings we see again, we got this one sized, polished, and ready for many years of wear. But, as beautiful as it is, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was sad to see it go again.

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