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Rose Cut Diamonds: Bringing Old Cuts Back

The rose cut is one of the oldest types of diamond cut. Started in the 15th century, and perfected during the early 16th, by today’s modern standards its six to twenty-four triangular facets do very little to cull the deep, scintillating fire, that a modern brilliant-cut stone can provide. And while it was cutting edge technology circa 1590, as technology advanced and we started to understand more about light refraction, diamond cuts focused on getting more brilliance and fire out of each stone, sending the rose cut by the wayside.

Rose Cut Diamond Ring Perspective

Today, the rose cut has fallen out of favor in most of the modern world. India still produces many rose cut diamonds for use in traditional jewelry, but for the most part, these stones are hard to come by. Maybe it’s because the backs of these stones are typically flat. Maybe it’s because you lose so much of the stone in cutting. Whatever the practical reason, though, I can’t understand it, because I’m obsessed with rose cut diamonds.

 You can call me a sucker for an underdog, but seeing a rose cut diamond uplifts my spirits in a way that few other stones can. There’s something about the subtlety of its shimmer that sends me into a trance. The way light plays on the top of this stone reminds me of how light dances across the ripples of a pond. And while this stone may not deeply refract light, the cut lends itself to highest levels of reflection during low light. Like a disco ball. Yes, you heard me. A disco ball. And, like a disco ball, the facets on each stone reflect tiny spots of light onto any surface that is near it. Think about it. You can wear a tiny disco ball on your finger. Every room you enter will be a party! Who wouldn’t want that?!

All I know is that I’m a girl who rocks a rose-cut rock on her left hand, and at Custom we’re all about bringing the rose-cuts back — starting with this amazing engagement ring we created for one lucky lady. This gorgeous, two-tone ring is set with a to-die-for oval rose-cut diamond, as well as three tiny asymmetrical seed pearls. It’s a perfect combination of old and new, modern and ancient, and can hopefully do a small part in shedding some light on these beautiful old cut stones.

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