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Around the Shop: Local Charlotte NC Artist Archer Applewhite Watkins Jr.

As most of y’all know, we love a NoDA gallery crawl night and the chance to showcase local Charlotte, NC artists. Last month, we had the pleasure of hanging up some really fantastic pieces from local artist Archer Applewhite Watkins Jr. from his his exhibit, Motif MMXIII. So, I thought there would be no better way to introduce a new blog segment we’re calling Around the Shop than giving a proper highlight to the vibrant, eclectic pieces from our current art exhibit.

We’re excited about this new blog type, as it gives us a chance to highlight the fun and random things that go on in and around our Custom Jewelry shop. We guarantee these posts will be sporadic, inconsistently thematic, and probably not related to custom jewelry, BUT(!) they are also guaranteed to be fun, interesting, and (hopefully) give some insight into the sights, sounds, and shenanigans Lee, Katie, Bruce, and I experience during the day-to-day of working in at Custom Jewelry. So first things first, let’s kick off this inaugural post with a tour of Archer’s Awesome Artwork™.

Motif MMXIII is a combination of hand dyed fabrics, batik, and really original relief work. With bold colors, it features both beautiful abstracts, as well as imagery reminiscent of native South American and Eastern cultures. His detailed dragons are definitely a highlight, and I’ve personally had the pleasure of giving a few guided tours of them to Custom’s shoppers (everyone loved them, btw).

Sooo… if you weren’t able to come to his gallery crawl opening at the shop (for shame!–you know who you are), don’t worry, there’s still time! Archer’s work will be in the shop until Thursday Oct. 3, when we will be setting up for our next gallery crawl and latest featured artist. So stay tuned, as we may even have some live Around the Shop blogging happening during our next gallery crawl on Friday Oct. 4. Who knows, it may get crazy!!

But until then, enjoy the art.

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