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14kt White Gold Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

Our dear friends Nina and Zach are off getting married this weekend and this is the gorgeous 14kt White Gold Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring that she has been wearing since the engagement day. It now has the wedding bands framing the stunning yellow sapphire center stone set in the engagement ring. The set was computer designed to incorporate an elaborate trellis pattern that passes through the width of all three rings, all lining up perfectly. When viewed from the side you can see all the way through to the other side of the arch and circle pattern. Underneath the large center yellow sapphire is a symbol unique to the lovely couple and the ring, making it theirs and only theirs. Just one of the many advantages of having a custom engagement ring made by Custom. There are lots of alternatives to a tradition diamond wedding set. Sapphires like the beautiful one that is the center piece of this set, and the accents that pull it all together, are perfect examples. Congratulations, guys! Here is to many years of enjoyment out of your 14kt White Gold Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring.


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