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Titanium Starscape Wedding Band

When it comes to materials we use in Custom jewelry, titanium isn’t one that regularly crosses the workbench. But when a customer wants to commission a piece incorporating titanium, silver, gold, and diamonds, then it is our job and pleasure to make it happen. Based on pictures the customer brought into the store, this is what we came up with. The ring is centered around a titanium wedding band that we ordered from our titanium supplier. It was then drilled with varying sized holes that would be filled with solid sterling silver wires, and sterling silver hollow tubing.  Both the wires and hollow tubing where then cold riveted into place. The pieces of tubing where then set with diamonds of various sizes and colors. Green, black, white, pink, and yellow diamonds where all used. The entire ring was then sanded smooth and left with its brushed finish to help contrast the different colored metals. The result was striking, and another successful Custom jewelry job is on the finger of a happy customer.


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