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Spring into Art Nouveau


At Custom we’re always looking for inspiration to create that next great ring, bracelet, or set of earrings. So, quite a bit of our time actually goes to researching design, art, and philosophy from antiquity into modern times. To us, nothing says “Spring has sprung”,  like the Art Nouveau movement.  It’s whimsical, takes a lot of motifs directly from nature, and is known for its soft, almost billowing details. So it’s no surprise that while researching new ideas for Spring concepts, We fell in love with the Art Nouveau movement all over again.

Like many fashionable things, the style of Art Nouveau originated within the artist cafes of turn-of-the-century France. Literally translated as “New Art”, this delicate, ornate, and ethereal style gained popularity amongst the youth of Europe. So much so, that an alternative name for this style is Arte Joven or “Young Art”.

While the timeframe of this movement varies, Art Nouveau typically spans from late 19th century to early 20th century (1890s-1914), and can be spotted by its very distinct influences from Japanese culture and the natural world. Among the most easy-to-spot jewelry characteristics are intricate enameling in golds, pinks, and greens; soft, wave-like lines;  nature-inspired themes, such as flowers and vines, and unique stones like opals, pearls, and colored cabochons.

 Known for its light and airy feel, as well as its organic and elegant shapes, this movement still influences many designers today, including the crew at Custom. So with that, we’ll leave you with a few of our favorite Art Nouveau images to check out. Do any of these get your creative energies flowing? Do you think some of the art can be turned into some awesome jewelry? Let us know which ones inspire you in the comments.

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