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Silver Reticulation at Custom Jewelry Store

We are open late tonight and tomorrow is NoDaWeen! We have a ton of new Jewelry in the cases. We are running a special for the Cheap Treat Crawl on November 5th. This night will be extra special, as Erich Moffitt will be gracing our walls with his amazing artwork! As always we will be available for all of your jewelry repair and Custom design needs. We have been playing with a lot of textures lately and here is an example of one of the new pieces. This Custom made, reticulated silver pendant is one of our favorite pieces. Reticulation is a process that involves controlled heating with a torch on a piece of sterling silver. As the metal heats, copper rises to the surface and is then pickled away. The heating and pickling occur several times, until the surface becomes pure silver. The melting point of pure silver is higher than that of the sterling silver, still at the core. As the sterling core melts, the surface helps the piece maintain its integretity. Instead of melting down, the piece wrinkles, allowing for the beautiful peaks and valleys to form, and creating one-of-a-kind reticulated silver jewelry! Please come visit us tonight and over the weekend to check out all the new work!

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