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Raw-Uncut Natural Diamond and White Gold Engagement Ring

We present you with our first Raw-Uncut natural Diamond and White Gold Engagement Ring. Sometimes we benefit from what we perceive as a fatal flaw of typical jewelry stores. The wonderful customers who commissioned this engagement ring had been dealing with another jewelry store. After 5 visits, numerous calls, and not getting what they where looking for at that store, they turned to Custom. We were shown examples of designs that the other store had tried to force on them. Typical of most stores, it was more than they wanted, an up-sell. At Custom, we are not here to up-sell you. We are here to give you what you want. No matter how obscure, or how difficult. We will  do our best to fulfill your wishes.

For this design the customer wanted something unique, something that she had never seen on anyone else. The basis of the design would be a raw, uncut diamond set in white gold. To compliment the natural, raw nature of the stone, the ring was carved from wax to resemble a terraced landscape. The top terraces are engraved to mimic the the natural graining that can be seen in the diamond itself. The results speak for themselves, a Raw-Uncut Natural Diamond and White Gold Engagement Ring in all it’s glory.


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