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Pink Princess Cut Sapphire Sterling Silver Dome Ring

This Pink Princess Cut Sapphire Sterling Silver Dome Ring was carved from wax in our jewelry store, Custom. It is the base to what ended up being a terraced ring , set with black diamonds that we made for our showroom a couple months ago. There is a mold of the ring, so we decided to combine this one with some 2mm pink sapphires we had in the showcase. A sharpie was used to randomly mark where each stone would go. A drill bit slightly smaller that the size of the pink sapphires was then used to make a hole at each of the marked locations. Then using a square needle file, each seat for each stone was carefully filed away to match the particular sapphire that would reside in that spot. Once the stones sit perfectly in their new homes, a burnishing tool is used to push the silver onto the edges of the pink sapphires. Finally, a course brushed finish was applied to complete the Pink Sapphire Sterling Silver Dome Ring.


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