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Jewelry Repair – Sizing Beads

One of the most common jewelry repairs we encounter is a ring that spins on the finger. For any number of reasons a persons knuckle can be bigger than the base of their finger. When this is the case a ring must be sized to fit over the knuckle, meaning it will be too big when at the base of the finger and spin. There are a number of solutions for this. One is an adjustable shank. While being a great solution, they are usually on the expensive side and require more labor. Another is a butterfly, we will come back to that in a later post. And finally there are sizing beads, or speed bumps. Sizing beads are small balls of gold or platinum soldered into the inside of your shank. They are positioned to pass under the soft skin under your knuckle. Once the ring is at the base of your finger the beads take up the extra space between the ring and your finger and also provide some grip to keep the ring from spinning. As far as jewelry repairs go, adding sizing beads are fairly straight forward. If you have a ring that spins on your finger, bring it to Custom jewelry store and we will determine the best solution for you.

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