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Jewelry Repair – Ring Sizing

There are many reasons why a person might want a ring sized. For an experienced jeweler, 99% of ring sizings pose no problems. However, there are a number of things to consider when choosing a jeweler to resize rings. First and foremost would be if the ring contains stones. Only 3 stones can safely withstand the heat required to size a ring. These stones are easily remembered using the American flag rule: red, white, and blue, meaning rubies, diamonds and sapphires. All three stones can withstand the heat of a sizing, without sustaining any damage. All other precious and semi-precious stones risk shattering or changing color if heated to high temperatures. Stones present another issue, especially if the ring is being made larger. Sizing a ring up or down changes the shape of the mounting. Sizing a ring down makes the stone settings loose, requiring the jeweler to re-tighten them before he is finished with the job. Sizing a ring up, alternately, tightens the stone settings, putting extra stress on the gems. The majority of stones are softer, leading this extra stress to cause them to break. A jeweler experienced in jewelry repair is aware of this and will take the necessary precautions. At Custom we take care to examine your jewelry very carefully. We have the experience necessary to perform all the vital steps that insure that your heirlooms are returned to you in better condition than they arrived. Our extensive experience in jewelry repair allows us to guarantee the pieces we work with will not lose stones, or suffer other failures for a years time.

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