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Heart Shape Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring

It is gratifying when things work out. It all fell into place concerning this Heart Shape Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring. The owner was in love with the style of ring. However, the husband to be could only find it in silver, set with cubic zirconias. There is a reason for that. Usually, when gem cutters get their hands on a pink sapphire of this size, they cut it into more popular shapes. Luckily, the husband brought the project to us. We removed the stones from the silver ring, made a mold of it, and then cast it in white gold. Both the mold, and the casting came out just a bit smaller than the original ring. It took a great deal of searching, but we were then able to find a pink, heart-shaped sapphire to fit the slightly smaller copy of the original ring. We then surrounded the sapphire with diamonds; creating what is undoubtedly another very unique engagement ring.

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