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Custom Engagement Ring With a Twist

A diamond Solitaire Custom Engagement Ring With a Twist. Just because the one you want to spend your life with wants a traditional diamond solitaire, doesn’t mean it can’t be a unique piece of Custom jewelry. This customer came in with sketches, and a well thought out idea as to exactly what he wanted in an engagement ring. It took several tweaks to get it exactly right, but with the power of computer design, tweaks are just a formality. Where as some designs lend themselves to hand carving a wax, a job like this would have required starting from scratch each time to make the requested changes. Computer design helped avoid those restarts and led to a perfect design in a shorter period of time. No matter how we end up getting there, we guarantee you will get exactly what you want at Custom. This Custom Engagement Ring With a Twist is a perfect example.


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